Get excited for Theatre on Ice Nationals! (What’s a CE?)

Virginia Ice Theatre is gearing up for the 2022 National Theatre On Ice competition, taking place in Wichita, Kansas.

As part of the competition, each team will have a Free Program, and the adult, intermediate and preliminary teams also have a Choreographic Exercise (the “short” program). Here’s a little more about the CE:

The Choreographic Exercise consists of three required “axes,” all of which must be included in the program.

Theme: The theme is the purpose of the program. It is the unifying concept and can tell a story (narrative) or be abstract. It should have meaning and support the Choreographic Process and Gesture. For this season, the theme is “Contemporary.”

Choreographic Process: A set of movements which are performed by individuals, small groups and the whole team. For this season, the choreographic process is “Flocking.”

Gesture/Body Movement: The gesture is the type of body movements the skaters are to perform individually and in groups. For this season, the gesture is “Acceleration.”