Our Board & Management

Our Board of Directors
President Michael Obar president@virginiaicetheatre.org
Vice President Haley Perez vicepresident@virginiaicetheatre.org
Treasurer Haley Perez treasurer@virginiaicetheatre.org
Secretary Robin Salsberry secretary@virginiaicetheatre.org
Director Amy Mireku amy@virginiaicetheatre.org
Director Adam Nash adam@virginiaicetheatre.org
Director Lisa Escano lisa@virginiaicetheatre.org
Ex Officio Member Olga Garrity vaicetheatre@gmail.com
Our Team Management
Program Director Adam Nash TBA
Coaching Director Olga Garrity TBA
Artistic Director Olga Garrity TBA
Competition Coordinator Jenn Rafael TBA
Team Management Director Essel Linton TBA
Senior Team Manager Robin Salsberry TBA
Adaptive Team Manager Lisa Escano TBA
Adult Team Manager Roberta Rothschild TBA
Novice Team Manager Jennifer Lim TBA
Open Team Manager Essel Linton TBA
Fundraising Chair Jennifer Lim TBA
Costuming and Team Gear Tara Wright, Kelly Zelnio, Kristie Beresford TBA
Logistics Coordinator, Props & Scenery Michael Obar TBA

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