Our Teams

Preliminary Team

Our preliminary team may consist of skaters under the age of 17, who are between the Freestyle 3 and Freestyle 6 levels. The preliminary team was added to the VITOF company  for the 2013 – 2014 season. In that inaugural season, the preliminary team became national medalists, placing 4th at the 7th Annual National Theatre on Ice Competition.

Intermediate Team

Our intermediate team may consist of skaters ranging from 7 to 18 years old who have, at a minimum, passed the USFSA Pre-preliminary Moves In the Field test. The skating ability on the intermediate team may include skaters through the pre-juvenile free skate level. Formed originally at the Novice level, this team started VITOF down the road of success in 2011, VITOF’s first year of existence, when they placed 4th and were honored for costume design at the 5th Annual National Theatre on Ice Competition.

Senior Team

Our senior team is a group of skaters who are mostly Juvenile Freestyle or higher. These skaters join this team to add Theatre on Ice to their already successful skating resumes. This is a great segue into the world of performance skating as several members hope to join a professional show.

PIC® Skate Team

Our PIC® Skate team is made up of skaters of varying ages and abilities who are looking to export their talents to appreciative audiences outside of an ice arena. This team allows us to raise awareness about our organization, perform in an array of venues where figure skating was once thought to be impossible, explore a new creative process that emerges when skaters and choreographers are not restricted by the dimensions of an ice rick, and most importantly, to bring figure skating to those who may have never had the opportunity or inclination to walk into an ice rink. Look for our PIC® Skate team bravely skating where no skater has skated before.