2019-2020 Season Registration Continues

Registration for the Virginia Ice Theatre’s 2019-20 season continues! We are looking forward to another successful season and can’t wait to see old friends and new faces. Please carefully read the following information before filling out the registration form.

For today, October 6, 2019 there is no Special Olympics Mentor meeting. The Special Olympics parent meeting and auditions are scheduled for October 13, 2019 with Mentors to attend the respective audition.

For this season, VIT is forming six (6) Teams:

1) Basic Skills – Looking for our next generation of Theatre on Ice performers! Must be able to skate backwards. This is an introductory team and will stay at local events only. This team will not participate at Nationals.

National Teams:

2) Preliminary Team – Must have Waltz jump and one (1) foot spin. Able to pass pre-preliminary moves before Feb 2020.

3) Special O/Therapeutic Team – Auditions will be held on October 13th. Must be able to follow directions and skate with little assistance.

3a) Special O/Therapeutic Team Mentors – Requirement: Part of a Theatre Team for at least two (2) years, independently motivated, self reliant. Able to be at EVERY practice and event.

4) Novice Team – Must have passed Preliminary moves or higher. Axel highly recommended.

5) Junior Team – Must have passed Juvenile moves. Axel jump required. Double jumps highly recommended.

6) Adult Team – At least 18 years old. Able to pass one USFSA test by February 2020. Looking for motivated adults who can laugh and have fun together.

What’s New This Year:

We are looking for “Bubbles“. This is a skater who is willing to come to another teams practice on a VERY regular basis, learn the choreography and fill in during practices whenever a skater is missing. You will NOT compete with that team, BUT at Nationals you will be part of the “coaching” staff for that team. Looking for skaters who have been part of Theatre for at least two (2) years, are highly self sufficient, able to retain choreography easily, able to work with skaters of different ages and/or abilities, adapt easily, don’t stress easily, “can roll with the punches”. If you want to be considered for this position, please indicate so on this form.

Please refer to the separate 2019-2020 VIT Registration form, or use the same form found below:

Click here for the tri-fold brochure to share with family and friends. See you at Prince William Ice Center (PWIC)!